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  • Just saw the first MacGruber trailer in the wild, followed by an ad for Subway breakfast foods. Both were disturbing, one in a good way. #
  • What!? Big Head Todd and the Monsters coming to Portland! That is REAL. #
  • Finally got to see ‘Crazy Heart’. As well-made as a movie can be, if not better. 5 out of 5. #
  • This is classic! RT @Slate: South African reporter sticks it to JoBurg mayor via @sethmeyers21 #
  • I love that CNN is taking shots at “South Park” for decency. YOU AIR KILLINGS AND FIRES ALL DAY and call it “breaking news” #hypocrisy #
  • A Muslim group warned that “South Park” creators will wind up dead if they air tonight’s episode. Geez, it’s not like they lost an iPhone. #
  • CNN says South Park has “gone too far”. After 15 yrs of poking fun at every person alive…what did they do, insult a Democrat this time? #

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