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  • Weird, I feel like this Rock Star enegry drink is making me act agressivel…WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT, GUY?! #
  • Movie haiku: Enjoyed MacGruber • Sad that it tanked this weekend • Next stop, cult status #
  • New A-Team trailer is much better than the first one. #
  • MACGRUBER starts…now!!! (actually starts in 2 mins.) #
  • Ranking last night's NBC season finales: 1. Parks and Rec 2. The Office 3. 30 Rock #
  • If I like a song in Pandora but I just don't feel like listening to it, I mark it Thumbs Up first, then skip #obvious #whybothermentioningit #
  • Finally got approval to open my casino. I'm calling it "Pair-A-Dice". I hope there's no trouble there. #
  • Something I hate is hating the player,not the game! I'm the player. I think it was homemade beans. #
  • Two #webdesign trends I've been noticing: Semi-transparency and fixed-position headers. #
  • Great op-ed by Ross Douthat– almost *perfectly* captures my primary dislike for modern American government. #
  • About to sit down and continue reading a friend's manuscript. Spooky YA novel…loving it so far! #
  • CapitalOne just emailed me to say my statement is ready. How do they have time to write all those emails! They must have mils of customers! #
  • Me too! But why so many !'s? RT @thetwodads: REALLY WANT A BOWL OF PEANUT BUTTER CRACKERS!!!!!!!1 #
  • Just paid $3 for TWO replacement USB cables for iPhone. At that price, it doesn't matter to me if they turn out to be junk. #

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