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  • This casino has: 7 million older tourists and one really tall Irish guy with crazy hair. #teamcoco #
  • Just two nerds typing away on iPhones in the lobby of a casino waiting for Conan O'Brien to play guitar. #modernlife #
  • Just got into MoSun…less than 4 hrs 'til @ConanOBrien gets his guitar on! Here's my partner in Conan (and life): #
  • 'Jonah Hex' looks INSANE. Must-watch trailer. #
  • On the way to Mohegan Sun with @HeidiDove to see @ConanOnTour !!!11 #
  • Me to @Heididove: Can I log into your Facebook and unfriend you from a bunch of people I don't like? @Heididove: No. #
  • My casino failed, but at least I *finally* got approval to open my ice cream & frozen treats shoppe. I'm calling it CUSTARD'S LAST STAND. #
  • The game is afoot! RT @moviedate: BREAKING! "Sherlock Holmes 2" claimed December 16, 2011 for its release date. #
  • BACK on the road after a near blow-out! Thanks to Gary's garage of Stockton Springs, CT. We're in grinder country! #
  • Bumper sticker: No farms, no food. Also true: No farms, no bumper stickers about farms. #
  • Not at work today- means I get to eat lunch before 12:00!! #igethungryearly #
  • Just stopped at a SICK new high-tech Burger King in Portland. No pic- but imagine a lot of classy metalwork and brick. #
  • Got to represent for my man Tom Petty one more time. Tom, you're a legend and a true classic- don't mind the haters. #
  • Just read somebody calling Tom Petty 'mediocre'. That's incoceivable to me – I think he is an inceedibly influential rock god. #
  • Just ran into @msmsmaine – and he was on the phone with @AustinBloggy #twitternamedropping #
  • Drinking vodka lemondade and watching 'The Big Sleep' with @HeidiDove. #stayingclassy #

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