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  • Sad but true. RT: @DrewFromTV: Just checked my acct. I lost abt $350 on LeBron. I thought he'd stay. Never bet with your heart. #
  • Early reviews on Rotten Tomatoes suggest that 'Inception' will be the movie of the year. Finally, seven months in, 2010! #
  • Amazing cool breeze / Sending this haiku to you / Lebron jumped the shark. #haiku #Endoftheheatwave #
  • In Target with two kids messing with the toys. #HotSuburbanDad #
  • RT @WarnerBrosEnt: Harold & Kumar are back in action as prod. begins on the third film from the cult hit franchise. #
  • RT @sportsguy33: Jim Gray did '96 Olympic bombing, Tyson-Holyfield II, Artest Melee, …LeBron's Choice. He's the king of debacles. #
  • RT @JustinNXT: Does ESPN realize #Lebronaganza is their point of no return? "The Decision" is as much about them as LBJ #
  • More hard truth. RT: @HeidiDove: Family Guy has gotten progressively meaner, grosser and edgier but not funnier. #truthaboutcomedy #
  • What are the unspoken secrets of comedy? The things that NOBODY dares to say? I'll start: Letterman was funny in the early 80's- not since. #
  • Independence day is better than In Depends day. #toolate #
  • Realized a bit too late that today would've been a perfect day to watch 'Team America'. Happy bday, US! #

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