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I saw this headline on today: Raul Castro chosen as president by Cuba’s National Assembly Here’s an example of how the headline would have appeared if I was the editor on duty at the time: Raul Castro “chosen” as “president” by Cuba’s “National Assembly”

Congrats to Lance Dutson- and the Collins campaign

Congratulations to my friend and occasional co-conspirator Lance Dutson, who announced today he’s taking a job as Director of Internet Strategy for Maine Senator Susan Collins’ re-election campaign. As I can attest but many already know, Lance is razor-sharp and as forward on the curve as anybody I’ve met when it comes to seeing, exploring, […]

In significant ways, Fred Thompson video challenges the status quo

Many blogs have already noted Tuesday’s amazingly quick, and quick-witted, video response by Senator Fred Thompson to the re-surfaced Michael Moore’s open letter. Fred Thompson answers Michael Moore. Blogger Bob Krumm said it best when he argued that Senator Thompson’s response speed could be a powerful factor should he decide to run, particularly compared to […]

One amazing video

Below is one of the most amazing videos I’ve seen in quite some time. The backstory: Potential presidential candidate Fred Thompson recently criticized Michael Moore’s trip to Cuba. Today, Moore fired back with a challenge to debate Senator Thompson on healthcare issues. Just a few hours later, Thompson posted this brilliant, devestating reply to, […]

As blogging comes of age, growing pains persist

A few comments on the latest political/blog scandal. First, some background. This time around, liberal blogger Amanda Marcotte, recently hired to run presidential candidate John Edwards’ campaign blog, is being criticized for a variety of blog posts she’s written at her personal site, Pandagon. As to be expected, liberal bloggers are rising to her defense, […] is back!

After a nearly seven-month hiatus, my political weblog has emerged from retirement anew. This time around (major version 3 by my account), I’m taking a backseat and operating primarily as publisher while two new bloggers, Chris Hata and Mike Faulkingham, take over daily posting duties. Please head over to the new and check […]