Next up: The spin room

While the debate wraps up, we’re getting ready to head over to the spin room to shoot some photos and video. If you have questions you’d like us to ask the candidates and/or their flacks in the spin room, text message your question to me at 207-299-8508.

My pick for Winners of the debate:
John McCain and Rudy Giuliani. While neither said anything revelatory, they both sounded confident, bold, and presidential while repeating their own talking points. The biggest losers tonight, in my opinion, are Paul and Romney, who both stuck to their own tired positions but seemed to both bend in on themselves like shadows as they either ranted (Paul) or stammered (Romney) their way through. Romney may have enough energy to make it through the next eight months, but he certainly doesn’t have the dynamism. If he borrowed some of Paul’s, he could stand a chance against Thompson or Giuliani, but right now, if McCain’s organization is running on fumes, it looks like it’s the Mayor versus the actor for the long haul.

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