Kottke is blogging full-time “for blogging’s sake”

Jason Kottke, one of the web’s earliest and still most influental bloggers, announced today (on his own site, of course) that he’s quit his job and is now blogging full-time. Not for a professional site, mind you, or a niche site- but rather, his own personal, any-topic-goes weblog. It’s a pretty bold and exciting move that should have the community buzzing for a few days.

Always out there with unconvential ideas, Kottke is foregoing any kind of advertising-supported or subscription-based model and instead opting to ask his readers for voluntary donations.

Because Kottke is a much-loved and widely-read blogger, I predict that his voluntary donation model will work quite well, especially at the outset. But as community-minded and utopian as the idea is, I’m not sure how well it would work for much of the long tail. I’ll have more thoughts on this later on as I think it over.

I donated $35 to the cause, in part because I’ve been reading his site for about four years or so, and also because I hope that a move like this by a long-time “spokesperson” for weblogging will help to stir ongoing discussion around the issue of financially-sustainable blogging.

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