Anybody out there using Orb?

Help! I’m wondering if any Orb users out there can give me a hand with tech support issue. I’ve got Orb installed on my Windows XP pro machine, but each time it attemps to log on it gives me a maddening error- saying “Orb cannot retrieve your login information.”

I’ve already tried restarting Orb, uninstalling and then re-installing to no avail, and I know my account info is correct because I’m able to log into with no difficulties.

Any Orb users out there got any ideas on what the issue could be? Thanks in advance for any assistance!

2 thoughts on “Anybody out there using Orb?”

  1. Did you ever solve your problem. I’ve got the same error message: orb cannot retrieve login information

  2. DJ,

    Nope. I just uninstalled it. That was…over a year ago, sad to see they’re still having the same issues.

    Good luck.

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