More on Christmas

Our tree is up (photos soon UPDATE: Photos here), yet with a two-year-old and a cat in the house, we’re not sure how long it will remain standing- it’s already been subject to some rambunctious shaking and jumping in just two days. We also added some more lights to the outside of the house (see the header graphic on this site)- I’ll try to post a picture of the lights later, and I’ll hopefully be able to update the header graphic with a brighter pic later.

On a related topic, last week my friend mentioned to me that he’s noticed (anecdotally) a steep decline in houses decorated with Christmas lights since his childhood (he’s 26, so that would be the 1980’s for those scoring at home).

While I’m hesitant to give knee-jerk agreement to that kind of blanket statement, I do have a sense that my friend is right. Last night, we drove around our neighborhood to conduct some highly unscientific research, and what we found surprised us: In our small subdivision, we came across only 3 houses- ours, the one across the street from ours, and just one other- that were decorated with anything beyond just a tiny bit of lights.

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