Not gone, far from it

It’s been a long, stressful, and largely unhealthy holiday season for me and my fam, such that this blog has been the least of my concerns in this end-of-year shuffle. That said, I do have every energy and intention of writing here, and other places, in 2006. I’m not gone, and I’m not going away- yet.

Consider yourselves lucky though. Instead of trotting out a few long-winded “2005 Best Of” and “2006 Predictions” posts I had originally planned, I’ve consolidated and shortened a few thousand words into a couple of posts I’ll drop over the next couple of days.

Before I do though, warm congrats to our friends Kate and Seth, who tied the knot today in a simple ceremony at a nearby hotel after years of stressful and fruitless wedding planning. Mazel tov!

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