Refresh nearly complete…

If you visit via the old-fashioned web browser rather than through RSS, you have probably noticed a slight change in the design of the site. In fact, I think it’s a pretty signifigant upgrade, even if the site’s general structure is the same.

Besides a complete re-write under the hood, the site is hopefully more pleasing to look at in a variety of small ways. One big change I made was to follow Derek Powazek’s concept of a “useful footer”…my useful footer isn’t all that useful, but I did my best to provide some things for those who scroll down that far.

The site redesign comes on the heels of a major change behind the scenes as well. For almost two years, GearHost served me well as a fully-featured web host. They stayed strong as my weblog,, was generating 20,000 visitors a day during summer 2004, and I appreciate Ryan, Mike, and Sean’s support services.

But it became time for a change, and DreamHost not only met, but exceeded my expectations for a host. My first weekend with them has been great, particularly the IMAP email, which I’m loving.

It may be a bit bumpy around here and my other blogs, like Network Landscape, over the next few days. And sadly, because DreamHost doesn’t offer ColdFusion, I made the difficult decision to shut down after nearly three years (the site is built on ColdFusion).

Going forward though, I’m excited about the new possibilites offered by DreamHost. For one, I hope to experiment with podcasting in the near future. Stay tuned…

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