Happy Birthday, Mr. Arthur C. Doyle

If you visited Google today, you may have noticed the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle logo.

Doyle is a personal hero of mine. He would have been 147 today. Besides the obvious- he’s the greatest mystery writer to ever live, and the inventor of the true modern mystery novel (forget Poe)- Doyle also led an amazing real life. His own detective work freed two innocent men, he introduced skiing to Switzerland, he was a devoted husband and friend, a doctor, and he was known across two continents as an adventurer and storyteller. And oh yeah, he was a knight.

Google logo

Besides the obvious- The Complete Works of Sherlock Holmes, which are among the most thrilling, enjoyable, and literary works ever published- I highly recommend The True Crime Files of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, which tells the true story of Doyle’s work to free two innocent men accused of horrible crimes.

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