My entry into ‘The Office’ promo contest

NBC and YouTube are holding an open compeition for people to submit :20 promos for “The Office“, recently nominated for 3 Emmys including Best Comedy. Up to 10 winners will have their promos aired on NBC this fall.

I’m a huge Office fan, so with the help of my brother-in-law and my wife, I submitted a promo to the competition. Technically, the entries are supposed to be kept private on YouTube (which mine is), but I’m also posting it here.

The rules of the contest are pretty strict: Original footage only, no clips from The Office, and only one NBC-supplied graphic, as well as The Office theme song, were the only stock provided.

With that in mind, here’s my entry- just click the “play” button on the video to watch it (you must have Flash, and you’ll want the sound on). If you want to submit your own, go here.

UPDATE: The video is now available. Please feel free to send me comments, suggestions, hatemail. Shoot…it appears the video won’t work because it’s currently set to private within YouTube, per the rules of the contest. So I’ll have to wait until tomorrow, when the contest ends, and then I’ll make it public and show it here. Sorry!

3 thoughts on “My entry into ‘The Office’ promo contest”

  1. Jason,
    I love your promo for “The Office”!! However did you keep Joe from laughing?? The music choice was awesome!! Could you and Joey be up for some sort of nomination in the TV emmy world?? I shall look for each of you in upcoming issues of “Entertainment Weekly” :)

  2. So I gotta ask, what made you feel comfortable making your video public, when the rules said to make them private? I’d heard some people received an email telling them they should change it to public… Did you? I’m kinda worried because I never got an email like that, and the views on my video haven’t changes in weeks…

  3. Hi Rob,

    I only made the video public *after* NBC approved my submission. As part of the approval process, they allowed people to make their vids public- which leads me to believe the “private” restriction was only in place so they could preview the videos for copyright/deceny violations and remove them before they were made public.

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