is back!

After a nearly seven-month hiatus, my political weblog has emerged from retirement anew. This time around (major version 3 by my account), I’m taking a backseat and operating primarily as publisher while two new bloggers, Chris Hata and Mike Faulkingham, take over daily posting duties.

Please head over to the new and check it out. Chris (editor), Mike (writer), or I would love to hear your thoughts and/or comments.


UPDATE: Yes, against the best judgement (and wishes) of humanity, I once again appear in a video- this time, I’m announcing the return of Moorelies- go check it out and let me know what you think!

3 thoughts on “ is back!”

  1. Hi folks, Happy New Year to you and yours have read THE book and fascinated by the self proclaimed “hero of the people” or should it be- hero of the gullible. Just if someone can clarify a point made on p200 of MMIABFSWM-

    CNNs Lou Dobbs asked Moore about alleged inaccuracies in SWM, Moore replied “How can there be inaccuracy in comedy? Did Lou also make some mistakes and have to apologise? This is what an apologist for Moore claims.

  2. Hi, Jason… here’s Juan sin Miedo again. I bet you sure remember me from the good old days at


    The “twisted reddish devil”.

    I have recently read rumours about being back, but I haven’t been able to contrast that point yet. I guess that it’s more than probable since you made a big cash out of your first try to ruin Moore’s reputation.

    Be sure that you’ll find me in whatever blogs you may start. I’ll be very, very pleased to comment against all of the rageous conservative dogs that gather your website.



    the lib bitch

  3. Just try and register at MM’s to leave a comment – doesn’t work. I guess I’m supposed to think it is just me, but moore likely Moore doesn’t really want to receive contradicting FACTS.

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