A new start for Moorelies.com

Over at ActiveTopic, my hobbyist blog network site, I’ve announced a new direction for Moorelies.com, the site that I founded and ran from April 2003 through today.

Today, I made the decision to send off one of my oldest friends. Moorelies.com, the political weblog that began in April 2003 and which launched a bestselling book on its way to 5 million visits, is now officially out of the hands of me and ActiveTopic and is now an entirely separate entity.

Chris Hata and Mike Faulkingham, the two bloggers who helped relaunch the site with me this past July, are taking over the reigns of the site and I think it’s in great hands now. Chris is a bright young college student and Mike is a bit more seasoned in terms of years, but they’re both excellent writers and well deserving of readership and success.

It’s not easy to let go a product that I built- figuratively and literally- up from nothing during a warm spell in the early spring of 2003. Though, while it may not be easy, it certainly is time. Much has changed for me since I began the site, and I find myself now with, graciously, little time or energy to run the site and with personal and professional interests that lie elsewhere.

I leave Moorelies.com in the capable hands of Chris and Mike and I hope you’ll join them as they continue to make it a success by their own rules, with their own words. Best of luck, Chris and Mike.

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