Deer in October

Today on the way home from a family event, we were driving around while our son took a nap. On Route 2 in Old Town, Heidi noticed two big, beautiful deer in the front yard of somebody’s house eating from a tree. We turned around, and to our surprise, instead of running away, the deer we noticed were joined by two more. Here’s a photo of the first two dining. View a couple more right here.

(Click the picture for a bigger view)

2 thoughts on “Deer in October”

  1. Yeah, they don’t scare easily anymore. I’m not so sure their general complacency regarding human interaction is a function of active learning – more like habituation and hunger, probably. I went for a walk through an apple farm over the weekend and came across a mother deer with a baby in tow. She actually let me roll a few apples in her direction before staring me down and making me leave. It would’ve been a good shot on something other than a .3MP cameraphone…

  2. We’ve had as many as 6 at a time in our yard–a suburb of Columbus, OH. I think they live in the ravines and wooded areas. It’s very distressing to see so many dead ones along the interstate.

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