Back from the first break…

…and the next issue is security. Talk about a hedge: Romney says the surge is “apparently” working.

UPDATE: Wow…McCain takes a direct shot at Romney, repeating “the surge is working”, and “it’s not whether it’s apparently working or not…it’s whether we will set a date for withdrawl, which means surrender.” More: “I want our troops home with honor”, and with that McCain gets the biggest applause of the night from the debate audience.

Just one question later, Paul elicits a large cheer for his typically charged answer that we should withdraw from Iraq. Paul and Chris Wallace then get into it after Paul’s response that we should withdraw from Iraq. Wallace is clearly irked, asking Paul if “we should take our marching orders from Al Qaeda?”

UPDATE: Finally, Wendell brings Duncan Hunter into the conversation monopolized by Paul. But where’s Tancredo? Is he still on stage?

UPDATE:Wallace finally brings Tacredo into the mix, and he makes a great point in response to Paul’s earlier comment that we were attacked in part because of our bases in Saudi Arabia.

UPDATE: Now back to Cameron at Young’s Restaraunt, and a question for Governor Romney: “How can we bring an endgame to Iraq and make sure it’s still a victory for us?” In response, Romney stammers when backtracking on his earlier comments that his son serves his country by campaigning on his behalf, then echoes Tancredo’s comments about the war being with radical Islam, not with Iraq exclusively.

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