New topic: Taxes

* “Not a record we should be proud of” is McCain’s comment on the massive bloat of government under Republican leadership over the past few years.

* Brownback chimes in with a snoozer answer on how taxes are too high.

* Asked about his decision to not sign a pledge that he won’t raise taxes as President, Giuliani rightly notes that as President, he’ll take “one pledge” and not respond to every single request to sign a pledge. Now, for the second time tonight, he spouting a range of statistics about his term as Mayor of New York.

* Romney, or “Fifi” as Wallace says he was called as Governor, gets a cheer with a promise to “kill the death tax”…suspiciously echoing a sign I saw outside of the debate. He then takes a shot at Edwards’ hair cut, looking far too proud of himself and earning a half-hearted laugh from the crowd.

* With just about 10 minutes left, Huckabee is falling somewhat flat with his push for a “fair tax”. Is that like a flat tax with a new, hip name?

* Uh oh, here we go with Paul’s answer. He’s clapping as Wallace rails off a list of things he wants to eliminate, including the CIA. Paul is a walking compendium of crowd-friendly sound bites, but what he’s saying is little more than bumper-sticker level analysis.

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