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  • En-route to an 'Inception' @moviedate with @HeidiDove…high hopes to be creeped out and entertained! #
  • Tended the garden. Tomato plants are huge, all others pretty much on schedule. #
  • Go MCS!! RT @HeidiDove: Had a great time at the @kahbattle! My bro's band Most of Us Can Stand did a badass cover of Bad Romance. #
  • I enjoy spirited debate. That's why I like to ask ghosts about current events. #
  • I was away from Twitter for a few minutes (tagged this month's GQ). Did John @Gruber defeat Consumer Reports yet? #
  • Thanks to @UnitedWayEM and @KahBattle for free tix to this Friday's KAHBATTLE of the Bands. Looking forward to great local live music. #
  • Nice, can't wait! RT: @KahBattle: Congrats 2 @jgclarke! You won two tickets to this friday's legendary @kahbattle! #
  • Need to test on Safari 4 but OSX won't let me go back that far. Any ideas on how to test on #safari 4? Thanks! #webdesign #browsertesting #
  • Everybody just relax. John Gruber is digging up all kinds of dirt on Consumer Reports as we speak. #
  • If I don't laugh at somebody's tweet(s), I usually report them as spam, then block them. #
  • Consumer Reports won't endorse #iphone4 POUND FAIL #
  • #pepsi #capsforcaps I've got a Marlins, Angels, and Pirates and I'm looking for a Red Sox cap. Anybody want to trade? #
  • Part 2/4: On my #iphone3 #iOS4 is dropping more calls than ever before, in newer places. Service is all-around noticeably worse. #
  • Part 1/4: On my #iphone3 #iOS4 cannot email my photos with the correct rotation. Sent photos arrive skewed 90 degrees- making it pointless. #
  • Wow, iOS4 is an overwhelming disaster on the iPhone 3. Skewed photos, dropped calls, slow apps, and voicemail literally does not function. #

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