misc_workerLast Friday was a bittersweet day for me, as I walked out of RainStorm world headquarters for the final time after 8 years of working/playing there. If you haven’t heard of them, it’s a group of people that does great work with some willing clients. For my part, I often didn’t log my time under anything besides “Misc.” (see the helpful post it note attached by my former co-worker Evan), but I did learn a lot from my co-workers and the projects we undertook, and I had a great time in the process. Some highlights include building a network of adult education websites for Maine, designing and evolving systems for sales and project management, and the many, many shenanigans (like this) that were had over the years.

The happy news is that I’ve now joined 10up as a Senior Web Strategist, helping the team of 40+ designers, engineers and project managers build some crazy awesome websites and applications on WordPress, the world’s best publishing platform. A week into my time at 10up, and I’m already learning from many of the great people here. I’m looking forward to continuing to create and promote ideas on the web, taking the best memories along with me, and making more ahead.

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