My Life cooling off a bit

“My Life” has slipped from the top spot on for the first time in weeks. And Drudge is reporting that the book – which will presumably claim the top spot at the NY Times Bestseller list again the week – moved around 85,000 this week, down from over 100,000 last.

It’s a book!

After months of waiting, I’m finally able to announce that I’ve co-written a book:

Michael Moore Is A Big Fat Stupid White Man

Pre-order it, read all about it, and keep up to date with the Book Blog, all over at

Thanks to all whose support made the book possible- Judith Regan, Bridie, Jim, Ellen, everbody else at ReganBooks, Jim & Lee at, Mike Wilson, and of course the family.

In Memory

“When the Lord calls me home, whenever that may be, I will leave with the greatest love for this country of ours and eternal optimism for its future…

I know that for America, there will always be a bright dawn ahead.”

President Ronald Reagan