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My first column for Newsvine is up. It covers the rumored return of Futarama to TV and asks: why not bring back favorite cancelled shows to DVD or the internet instead? Since Newsvine is still in beta, you’ll need an invite to view the site. I have a few left, so if you’d like one, […]

Win ‘Cinderalla Man’ on DVD!

Want a chance to win a free DVD of this past summer’s critically-acclaimed Cinderella Man? Then head over to Network Landscape, the TV/DVD blog I publish, and read Henry’s instructions for entering the contest! Shameless shilling: Network Landscape covers TV, DVD, digital video, and other interesections of content. Thanks to the site’s head writer, Henry, […]

Tales from The Long Tail: an interview with the co-founder of Peerflix

Today’s Tales from The Long Tail link is an interview with Peerflix co-founder Billy McNair by my closest-in-geography-blogger, F-Stop Blues‘ Tim Coyle. In the interview, Peerflix is explained (if you don’t know what it is, read the interview!), and its founder talks about the service’s bright future: Currently people mail DVD’s to one another. Do […]